Inspired by the elaboration techniques used in Ice Wine yet adapted to our exquisite grape variety, we develop this magnificent white wine in limited editions.


Luminous yellow wine, with varietal aromas, certain citric tones and tropical fruits. Tasty and sweet to the palate with a certain acidity and a perfect balance.

Serving Temperature: 5C.

Acidity: 6,5 gr/liter

Sugars: 70 gr/liter

Quintella Ice White

A pleasure for the palate

Elaborated strictly with selected grapes hand-picked at night, Quintella Gold Edition is partly fermented in French oak barrels providing this white wine an unparalleled sweet taste.  Only the very few savor its fine, magical and natural aromas.


A light yellow straw-like color with golden highlights. Intense nose with aromas of peach peel, white flowers, subtle tones of eucalyptus and properties of spice imbued from the barrel. Initially sweet on the palate with a persistently silky smooth complex finish.

Serving Temperature: 6C - 8C.

Acidity: 6,5 gr/liter

Sugars: 100 gr/liter

  Limited Edition: 1.800 bottles

Quintella Gold Edition. Unique and One-of-a-kind


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